REMENCES No t’Arronsis LP

slide_100_remences_pre_sales_enWhen talking about the Red Skin scene in Barcelona, you have to mention Remences. This band from Rubi, released a demo tape in the early 90’s  on Capita Swing which sold very well back in the days, they also got a few songs on some Oi! compilations on Bronco Bullfrog Records. Years after with a new line up the band released a CD on Plastic Disc, but never released anything on vinyl.  Teenage Warning Records has remastered the recordings used in their debut demo tape, re-designed the front cover having an artist draw the complete cover again and adapt for 12″ format, new artwork for the backcover and includes an A2 size poster with the cover on one side, and the biography of the band in english, spanish and catalan, plus the lyrics and band pictures. This is a limited edition record on black vinyl and quality 350 gram 3mm spine cover.

You can buy this REMENCES No t’Arronsis LP at

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